P08441: Thermoelectric Module Test Stand

Mission Statement

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Product Description

The primary focus of this project is to develop a waste heat recovery power unit for a typical car exhaust system to improve the overall efficiency. A specific car will be selected during the early stages of the project by the student team with agreement from the sponsor. The thermoelectric power module should generate minimum of 100 watts of power during the car’s normal cruising speeds above any parasitic power requirements needed to operate the system. The system should be able to be directly integrated in the car’s electrical system. The prototype will be tested using the thermoelectric exhaust heat simulator developed during a previous senior design project (P07442). The power module should be tested over a range of typical operating conditions of the choosen car and prediction made about the overall operating performance for student and sponsor selected driving profiles. This project is an early step in building RIT’s capabilities at developing electrical power producing applications using current and future generation of thermoelectric modules. This project is part of the Next Generation Thermoelectric System family of projects.

Key Business Goals

The key business goals are:

Primary Market

Sustainable Energy Engineering Lab Thermoelectric Research Activities

Secondary Market

Auto industry Thermoelectric industry

Assumptions and Constraints


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