P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

FD Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D The team has developed a primative concept for measuring one or two parameters at the outlet on the compressor that addresses the common faults that compressor experiences slightly. Ranges for the parameters collected address the donation compressor operation limits. The design for the user interface is in its very initial start up phase and accounts for one data collection trial at a time. The team developed some concepts and designs on what they viewed as critical. Acquisition of the proper equipment for the machine is just beginning with completion coming in SDII. The data acquisition system is almost capable of implementation but has little value to Dresser-Rand. The couple of parameters measured are basic and need to be formatted for later use. The user interface is in design and is capable of use through detailed training. The data can almost be collected but has to still be formatted properly. Power is supplied to at least half of the system. The system can be altered for better use and pick up in the future.
C All requirements for receiving a "D" plus additional contact at the end of SDI with Dresser-Rand contacts to begin the initial personalization of the Data Acquisition system. The design allows parameters that will be measured to be of some interest to Dresser-Rand but are capable of slight extension past the operating limits of the donation compressor. The user interface design is basic and allows for collection of one trial run at a time with the format of the data still unknown. Required equipment has been briefly considered with some equipment ready to purchase at the end of SDI. All requirements for receiving a "D" plus initial implementation onto the machine. Some data is collected in a difficult format to understand. The normal operation of the compressor was considered. Training is need on the user interface but allows for collection of data over one trial. Start up of the system is done in person through hands on application. Power is supplied to all components and communication exists between the mechanical and electrical equipment. The system allows for modification in the future.
B Must fulfill all requirements for "C" and the design allows for the system to be able to measure most parameters of interest to Dresser-Rand at the inlet and outlet. The design ensures that the parameter ranges will cover ranges outside the donation compressor operation limits and covers the ranges for Dresser-Rand's primary reciprocating compressor product. A clear idea of a user interface has been developed that allows for collection of multiple data collection trials. The system has been design with some consideration into integration to Dresser-Rand Control Systems. Guidelines to collect failure data have been considered with completion set for SDII. Contact throughout the quarter was made with Dresser-Rand and equipment needed can all be ordered in the first couple weeks of SDII. All requirements for a "C" and addresses Dresser-Rand interests in relation to the data that is collected. The system measures parameters at the inlet and outlet and are capable of being kept within the user interface. The data acquisition equipment is capable of measuring ranges of data outside of the limits held to in SD (clear extension to Dresser-Rand Products). Failure data is capable of being collected under the guidelines developed. The user interface has the means to be used easily with possible development of a database. Communication with and extension to Dresser-Rand has been maintain and shown in the final design. Transition to future projects is very feasible.
A All requirements for a "B" plus a clear personalization and design of a data acquisition system that would address many Dresser-Rand concerns. The design includes meaasuring multiple parameters at the inlet and outlet in broad ranges. The equipment considered has the ability to measure these ranges and is ready to order at the end of SDI. The user interface design includes formating the data, creation of a database, and communication to the user. The team has considered how failure data will be collected and provide guidelines (and needed "bad" parts) to complete this task. The system strongly considered integration into Dresser-Rand methods and a strong contact was kept through SDI. The team has a design to implement and most equipment ordered for SDII with clear documentation of designs/decision making process. Must fulfill all requirements for a "B" plus provide a clear extension to Dresser-Rand uses. The data acquisition system is capable of measuring ranges of data outside the normal operation of the donation compressor and into the vast products that Dresser-Rand offers. The user interface is easy to use and allows for collection of data from multiple runs by way of a database. Failure data has been collected by inducing faults of interest to Dresser-Rand and includes a basic comparision of data plots between normal operation and failure operation. Guidelines and documentation have been well maintained to allow for an easy transition over to future projects (master's or SD). The end system should allow for the ability to understand compressor responses (in the future).

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