P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

Fault Detection

Project Overview

The industry for energy production, such as oil refineries and natural gas power plants, has a critical need to maintain maximum efficiency and capacity of their turbomachinery/reciprocating products. Loss of performance and additional downtime leads to a loss of $Millions per day. The first step in gaging a compressors performance and the identification of faults is through data acquisition and compilation of key measured parameters of the machine under vast ranges of operations. This is the area of fault detection that this project is focused on. Concerns surrounding performance are thermo/fluids and vibration dependent. The system should allow for an interface of readable (reduced noise, clearly transmitted) data that can be stored in a database for future use. This interface of the data acquisition system should be easy to use and started remotely. Basic comparisons of failure vs. normal data should be possible.

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