P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Step 1. Gather Raw Data From Customers

Interactions with Customers

Information Related to Interviews

May Include:

  1. Transcripts of Interview(s) with customers
  2. Audio Recordings
  3. Notes
  4. Video Recordings
  5. Still Photography

Step 2. Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

Step 3. Organize the Needs into a Hierarchy

Step 4. Establish the Relative Importance of the Needs

Need Importance

Need Importance

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

The scope of the project got narrowed down a lot in this project with the identification of key needs and the realization of what we could confidently accomplish in two quarters. Because future teams will be starting on the research we left, we must make it our highest priority to provide detailed documents and specifications, so a future team will not need to go through the same assessments we had.

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