P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry


Table of Contents

Senior Design I Deliverables

Week 1


One Page New Project Summary

Roles and Responsibilities Jan 18th

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

New Organizational Chart

New Senior Design I Timeline

Week 3


Needs and Sub Needs

Need Importance

Must Have Needs


Sub Functions Outline

Sub Functions Diagram

Concept Generation Process

Week 5

Project Management Documents

One Page Project Summary Jan 18th

Team Org Chart Jan 18th

Roles and Responsibilities Jan 18th

SD I Contact Sheet Jan 18th

Presentation Material

Concept Review Jan 18th

Test Cell Pictures Jan 18th

Quality Function Deployment Jan 18th

Engineering Building Floor Plan

Concept Design Review Meeting Minutes Jan 22nd

Week 7

Presentation Documents

One Page Summary Jan 30th

Venn Diagram and Future Projects Timeline

Agenda for System Review Feb 1st

Week 8

Volumes of Cylinders

Gas Properties and Compressor Data

N30 Estimated Noise Levels

Acoustic Test (02-08-08)

Week 9

Documents to Present

Detailed Design Review, Feb 15, 2008

Presentation Components

Senior Design II - Detailed Timeline

Senior Design II - General Timeline

Draft 1 - O&M Manual

Log Sheets

Presentation Calculations (02-15-08)

Electrical Wiring (02-14-08)

Installation Procedure (02-15-08)

Installation Overview (02-25-08)

ANSYS Structural Calculation(02-14-08)

Bill of Materials

Week 10

Documents to Present

Mid-Project Review Powerpoint

Presentation Components


Test Plans 2-22-08

O&M Manual 2-22-08

Future Projects Timeline 2-22-08

SD II Timeline 2-22-08

QFD 2-22-08

Needs Metrics, Marginal & Ideal

Week 11

Revisions to Detailed Design Review Material

Detailed Design Review Feb 27th

O&M Manual Feb 27th

Test Plan Feb 27th

Timeline Feb 27th

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