P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

SD 2

Table of Contents

Senior Design II Deliverables

Safety Training Reveiw Documents

Safety Training Review, March 28 2008

Updates to Detailed Design Review, March 28 2008

Student O&M Manual, March 28 2008

Dresser-Rand Presented Documents

Compressor Safety Practices (By Dresser-Rand) PPT. March 28 2008

Structural Engineer Analysis

Formal Structural Analysis Report

Final Review Documents

CMVA Technical Conference Publication

RIT Technical Conference Publication

Poster Publication

P08452 Project Review Presentation

Managerial Design Review Presentation

Student Version Operation & Maintenance Manual

Student Version Operation & Maintenance Manual Appendices

Full Project Documentation

Interface Program (add .vi extension when saving)

Revamp Part Files

Revamp Part Drawings

Final Bill of Materials

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