P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

The Senior Design Team will be composed about 5-7 students that will address the tasks of Data Acquisition/Processing, Inducing Faults, and Development of a User Interface with a Customer Library.

Additional Team Member Information

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Margaret Bailey ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team and customer to assure success of an applicable product that will be as close to market ready as possible. The guide will determine the ultimate sucess of the project and be a source of information for the students in any struggles they might encounter especially on the thermo/fluids end of the project.
Dr. Mark Kempski ME Faculty Consultant, Will provide ME discipline support regarding Control Systems, Vibrations and potential data acquisition techniques on an itermittant basis. Students will come to seek guidance on issues occassionally. Students will be prepared on the issues that need addressed. Could help with any issues related to integration of machine with future data acquisition.
Dr. Marca Lam ME Faculty Consultant, Will provide ME discipline support regarding Vibrations on an itermittant basis. Students will come to seek guidance on issues occassionally. Students will be prepared on the issues that need addressed. Issues that will need addressed include mechanical vibrations and dynamic loads that the compressor places on surrounding environment.
Garry Studley - Project Manager ME Main task is to be the team lead and project manager, which includes decision making, assigning/monitoring completion of tasks, organizing information, etc. Besides task of managing the team, any issues related with Revamp will be need to be addressed. Will have contact with the Dresser-Rand team and help identify approach that the team should take while modifying compressor components. Also, some overview regarding other main issues involved in the project will need to be covered. This individual should be informal about the scope and direction of the project.
David Rigolo ME Main task of this individual is to be the source for all issues relating vibrations, fatigue, and any mechanical aspects of the compressor. Will be the expert on the team regarding ways to reduce the effects of vibrations put out by the machine. Should help with the data acquisition (selection of tools) and the interface for the future health monitoring project.
Kiernan French ME This individual should be the main source for all concerns regaring thermodynamics and fluids aspects of the compressor revamp. Will also be strongly involved in the setup of safety procedures and equipment that will be needed throughout all the senior design projects. Another function that might be served is overview of bill of materials and budget.
Chris Neitz CE The primary purpose of this individual will be in the development of the Software and Firmware that supports the Data Acquisition (Interface) for a future health monitoring project. Focus will be needed in Object Oriented Programming (C, C++, PHP, Labview) that will allow proper data collection and manipulation into a usable format for performance evaluation. Will develop a user interface that is easy to use for application in possible future commercialization. Integration into current Dresser-Rand control systems and development of algorithms will be necessary.
Alec Jarvie IE Will provide support in the integration of the modified compressor components to ensure a successful handoff to Dresser-Rand and future Senior Design Projects in the form of a complete operation and maintenance manual. Will serve an important role in determining and verifying the usability of the interface. This individual will also help with project management coordination, cost analysis and any decision making concerning the budget. Should assist the other functions in their tasks as well as ensuring proper communication between individuals. Will make certain that documentation is done throughout Senior Design I & II and play a major role in the completion of all deliverables.

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