P08452: Fault Detectioin in Rotating Equipment for Energy Industry

Week 3

Project Shift in Scope

Due to issues on securing a donation compressor that would provide an adequate machine for a meaningful senior design project (from Dresser-Rand's point of view) and operation in a college environment, the fault detection project has been put off until future notice. The current project will now shift its focus to the installation and modification of a Dresser-Rand built compressor.

New Project Details

Status of the Donation Compressor

Current status is that the Ingersoll Rand N30 compressor is available for donation. The compressor will need a "tune up" of components and to be checked for proper operation. Dresser-Rand will assist with hand off to RIT and safety measures to be taken during operation. The room for installation of the compressor has been verified and is suitable for install/operation after slight alteration.

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