P08453: Turbomachinery Flow Visualization

MSDII Weekly Progress

Table of Contents
Team members will add progress reports along with any other relevant information for each cooresponding week

Week 1

Kyle - Control Systems Test Plan

Week 2

Kyle - Final PO's sent out

Week 3

Kyle - Received controller, NI DAQ, computer

Week 4

Kyle - Set up motor with Wellin

Week 5

Kyle - Will control motor via computer input. Will begin installing sensors.

Week 6

Kyle - Got RS-232 motor control working through hyperterminal

Week 7

Kyle - Got Gauge Pressure hooked up. Readings are attainable

Week 8

Kyle - Flow/Temperature sensors functional. Differential pressure works

Week 9

Kyle - Preliminary Labview interface created, fine tuning operation

Week 10

Kyle - Got control valve working through Labview. Got Motor Controller working through Labview. Control System is complete

Week 11

Kyle - Preparing final documentation