P08453: Turbomachinery Flow Visualization

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Note to DPM Students: Imagine that you are writing a one paragraph advertisement to hire an engineer to work on each of these positions within the team. Each entry in the Role/Skills description column should be very similar to a one paragraph co-op posting announcement similar to those you have applied to previously.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Steven Day ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Ali Ogut ME Faculty Consultant, Will provide input to the design of the test rig. Dr. Ogut specializes in turbomachinery
Name Discipline Teaching Assistant
Allen Luccitti ME Team Leader, Over see the day to day activities of the team, handle budget and purchasing requests, Work on integration of detailed operating and servicing instructions for finished product, Documentation management, will also assist other members.
TBD Student ME Research various material solutions for pump housing along with design of components, Must be proficinet with a 3-D solid Modeling package. Will work closely with Fluid systems engineer in design implimentation. Will also work on integration concepts for Laster doppler and particle immage velocimetry. Must also have knowlege of machine design.
TBD Student ME Development and design of closed loop flow system, person should have knowledge of fluid flow and pump theory. This student will become familiear with the methods of laser doppler and particle immaging velocimetry.
TBD Student ME Will work with EE on sensor selection and data aquesition concepts with emphesis on integration of componets. Will work with materials and fluid engineers on impimentaion of system. This student will have strong 3D solid modeling experience. Will be responsible for design of test rig.
TBD Student EE Sensor selection, design and development of power requirements for opperation of pump, sensors, data aquesition hardware, and optical equiptment. Will work closely with ME3 and EE2
TBD Student EE/ IE/ ME Some experience with LabView preferable. This Student will design and develop a Labview GUI to collect data from sensors, run pump and monitor system status. This person should have programming experience, along with controls and signals experience.

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