P08456: Underwater Light

Budget Page

This project will be working from a shared budget of $9,000.00 provided by Dresser Rand. It will be shared between three teams: P08456, P08454, and P08201.

Corresponding Budgets

Projected Final
Prototyping & Breadboard $150.00 $114.91
Development Board $200.00 $85.80
Cost per Light Unit $380.00 $550.09
Cost per Thruster Unit $323.00 $260.89
Total P08456 Cost $1,870.00 $2,200.38
Total P08454 Cost $1,292.00 $1,043.58
All inclusive P08456 Budget $3,162.00 $3,444.66

The difference in costs stems from two points:

  1. Raw aluminum pricing had not been locked in at the time of initial budget, also it was decided to change to 6061 instead of 7075 because of its similar properties and lower cost.
  2. PCB cost was estimated for 2 layer boards, but actual design called for 4-layer boards to meet requirements.

The light housing contains more electronics, where as the thruster housing requires more aluminum, which came in at a lower cost. This is why the final cost of the light unit rose and that of the thruster unit provided P08454 went down.

Standard Components

See BOM for listing of purchased parts

Custom Components

Raw Materials:

6061 Aluminum 3" round stock
6061 Aluminum 1"x1" bar stock

Machining Costs:

Minimal cost associated with CNC machining in the Brinkman Lab. It was expected that some cost would be related to manufacturing components, however no such charges were ever billed to P08456 by the Brinkman Lab.

Anodizing Components:

BSV Metal Finishing will supply the Type II anodizing finish for the housings as a contribution to the project.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB):

30 square inches, cost $66.00 each. Additional $50.00 charge per order possible for step & repeat patterns on a single layout.

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