P08501: Roller-based fuser test bed


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Project Overview

Image quality is an important customer requirement that must be met by printer companies in order to be successful in the marketplace. While that is an obvious statement, measuring that quality is not an easy proposition. Even with these difficulties, it is important that printer companies be able to link their technology and product development decisions to these image quality metrics. To that end, it has been recognized that the improvement of these image quality metrics, is a systems problem. The particular system that this senior design project will support is to develop further understanding of the interaction between toner systems, media systems and fusing systems.

Last year, senior design project P07501 developed a laboratory test fixture known as fuser test bed. The fuser test bed independently controlled and measured temperature and pressure profiles using a rotating cam to control the displacement as a function of time, a load cell to record the resulting load, and strip and cartridge heaters to control temperature. This system is still under development.

The objective of this year's senior design project is to develop a roller-based fuser test-bed that will have similar functionality top the test-bed that was developed last year. The main difference between the two systems is that the roller-based system will be more representative of systems that are in use today by most printer manufacturers. However, it will be more difficult to control and measure the temperature and pressure parameters of interest. That is why both systems will be used in conjunction with one another.

An additional constraint that this team will face is that they will have to develop a common user interface that can be used to control both systems. This may require that design modifications be made to last year's project.

Administrative Information

Project Name
Roller-based Fuser Test-bed
Project Number
Project Family
Printing Systems
Printing and Imaging Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Marcos Esterman
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Jon Arney and Dr. Juan Cockburn
Primary Customer
Print Research and Imaging Systems Modeling Laboratory (PRISM Lab)
Customer contact information
Rochester Institute of Technology
54 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623

Team Documents

This is a collection of the intellectual property generated over the course of the project. It is separated into functional areas that will be filled in as they are completed on our time-line.

Senior Design II Deliverables

Test Plan

Design verification


Technical Paper

Design Documentation

Senior Design I Deliverables

Project Summary

Ten Week Plan

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Mission Statement

Customer Constraints

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Required Resources

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

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Test Product Concept(s)

Set Final Specifications