P08501: Roller-based fuser test bed

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Project Background

Fusing, the final step in the laser printing process, fixes toner to the page using heat and/or pressure. The majority of modern systems utilize a heated roller setup to accomplish this. The actual process of how this system transfers heat and applies pressure is not completely understood and is increasingly designed in an empirically based manner, requiring large investments of time and resources. This is especially true as the market moves to faster product development cycles and higher speed printers.

Project Statement

A roller based test bed is needed that can simulate current and future systems capabilities for development to keep up with the rapidly advancing printing industry.


  1. Develop and produce roller based fuser test bed.
  2. Integrate roller based system with stamp based system


  1. Roller Based Test Bed
  2. Research oriented user interface
  3. Integration with existing test bed

Expected Project Benefits

  1. Insight into the fusing process
  2. Shorter development times
  3. Faster printers
  4. Cheaper production

Assumptions and Constraints

  1. Roller-Based system
  2. Can integrate with stamp based system
  3. Accurate sensing
  4. Interchangeable roller material

Issues and Risks

  1. System Integration
    1. Unknown if systems are compatible
    2. May only be an approximation for the roller system
  2. Modular
    1. many types of material
    2. pre-made or self made

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