P08541: Commercialization of Micro-goniophotometer

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Team members did limited to no benchmarking and design process towards the final project No functional device was produced by the team and limited documentation on why the project failed was produced
C Benchmarking and needs assessments were preformed but no designed model of the project exists The device functions but with limited repeatability and is out of functional specifications
B The team appears to be on task within their appointed time settings but has limited documentation on their progress The device functions as more of a lab setting unit. The unit is functional, but can not be operated in a simple manor with limited training. If the project is a failure, documentation was produced documenting the failures and how they can later be resolved by another team.
A The team holds a full information database populated on the EDGE website on their progress and is in position to enter SDII and begin to construct their device in accordance with a complete needs assessment and analysis of the current experimental technology The device functions as designed and can output repeatable samples with the desired metrics. If the project does not preform as desired: documentation on how to remedy this issue was produced and the team did indeed function throughout the project term to their fullest ability in attempting to produce the device. Detailed instructions on what went wrong have been produced in a manor that appeals to the RIT adviser.

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