P08541: Commercialization of Micro-goniophotometer

Mission Statement

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Product Description

The current market share for goniophotometers are focused on utilizing the devices to measure the levels of light reflected off of a given object. The purpose of this project is to establish a miniaturization of this system to be used within industries that would have a need for this product. For instance, allowing this object to be affixed to a small-scale unmanned air drone or within a commercialized printer casing. The scaling of this system should produce an object small enough to fit in any of the later mentioned service markets (EX: Size and weight constraints) and still manage to produce all desired functions of a standard goniophotometer; or the needs of that said industrial sector.

Key Business Goals

To not only create a working device that can fulfill the given needs of the industrial sponsor, but to also make the product marketable and a feasible solution across a variety of application markets. This device should be able to accurately perform desired measurements according to specifications.

Primary Market

Currently, the market existing for goniophotometers are focused upon measuring the gloss levels that are produced within printing applications.

Secondary Market

A secondary market could possibly exist in affixing goniophotometers to unmanned aerial drone reconnaissance aircraft in order to accurately describe the drone's physical location relative to ground objects using the aforementioned object's indices of light reflecting off its visible surface.

Assumptions and Constraints

It is assumed that current research from other laboratories and RIT color and imaging science students will be available to better aid the team in creating a marketable micro-goniophotometer. Faculty advisor, Professor Esterman (ISE), will also be available for consult on the devices mathematical properties due to his extensive knowledge of printing technologies through past industry experience.


Current stakeholders include first and foremost the project's industrial sponsor, Dr. Arney, secondly the associated RIT educational departments involved with the creation and involvement with this program, lastly the students putting substantial time and effort into this project should work diligently towards a fulfilling and working apparatus that meets or exceeds the needs of the current industrial sectors.

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