P08541: Commercialization of Micro-goniophotometer

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Table of Contents

Electrical System

# 1

The use of a LCD is new territory for me. To alleviate the unknowns I have been exploring the coding for this LCD in conjunction with the Basic Stamp Micro-controller. Also the part has been pre- ordered so prototyping can begin.

The mitigation plan for this technology would be to revert to simple LED indicators that would act in place of the LCD and individually take on the meanings the LCD would have conveyed, but I do not believe this back tracking will be needed.

# 2

The use of an AC to DC power supply that needs to power several different parts is something I have personally never had to do. I have had concerns about obtaining the correct cabling, choosing the correct supply, and possible damage to circuitry due to high current syncing. In this design the light source requires a 110VAC power source. I found this troubling, since the supply outputs only 12 and 5 volts

The only possible mitigation plan would be to power everything individually, which I do not see as an option. I have spoke with Professor Slack several times about my concerns and have gained a confidence about the use of this supply. As shown in the schematic, the power for the light will be tapped directly from the 110VAC input to the supply.

# 3

USB communication between PC and Microcontroller could prove to be problematic. This is unfamiliar territory.

The mitigation plan for this high risk would be to scrap the communication, add bush buttons to the user interface and require user interaction with the desktop portion of the product.

Mechanical System

# 1

The high risk element of the mechanical system is the method with which we are shaping the paper sample to the curved deformation tool. While we have done some testing to confirm its feasibility, there is still some uncertainty related to its function. This uncertainty is because this method has not been implemented before.

# 2

Another high risk aspect of the mechanical subsystem is some lack of expertise of the mechanical engineers in areas that this project requires. These areas are namely 3D modeling and machine shop part making. While these are important characteristics of a mechanical engineer, the individuals involved in this project were not strong in these areas.

Mitigation Plan

If the proposed method of paper loading does not initially work, it will be reassessed for solutions. This will probably entail resizing of parts and clearances. However, if all fails and nothing works, the samples can merely be taped to the curved tool in the same manner it is currently done.

The plan to overcome the lack of expertise of the mechanical engineers is simple. Extra time and effort will be put into improving and mastering the specified

Software System

# 1

This solution has a higher level of complexity due to the hardware and software aggregation. A key thing to pay attention to is synchronizing and making sure the USB interface communicates properly as described. To add full customization in cases where the servo may need to be reprogrammed, the stamp can also be connected to the USB hub to the PC. An added administrative panel can be added to allow reprogramming of the stamp.