P08541: Commercialization of Micro-goniophotometer

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Roles & Responsibilities
Name Engineering Major Project Area of Responsibility Functional Area of Responsibility Hardware Area of Responsibility Role E-Mail Phone Number
Michael L. Kolis Systems & Industrial Engineer Works to keep the team on task while monitoring and developing the time line. Functions as a supervisor to ensure all project aspects are moving forward Uses MS Project management software to set a base timeline for all operations and team members to work around. Serves as the immediate functioning contact between the project advisor Applies industry optics knowledge to the various optical components of the application: Including fiber lignting, polarizer, and lenses Project Manager mlk4283@rit.edu 716-510-5866
Fred Totten Electrical Engineer Uses background to hard wire and construct the functional electrical components of the project. Uses knowledge of circuts and electrical wiring that is applied to the project Works on the digital linkage of the applied hardware motors, sensors, and other applied devices The creation, application, and instilation of DC Electric Machines, Theoretical Modeling, A/D and D/A System Design, Sensor Selection and Interfacing, and wiring Engineer frt3722@rit.edu 585-455-9674
Oluyinka Williams Computer Engineer Is in charge of all GUI creation and management. Will work with Dr. Arney & other engineers to develop a integrated software system to run the goniophotometer. All web hosting, digital information, and software creation is managed here Uses the applied computer code and interface and to link that to the applied hardware. Also serves as a secondary source of hard construction aid of the mechanical device with respect to wiring and circuits Must create the overall graphical user interface. Works with the ISE student to ensure robust human to computer device compliance and uses the applied logistics and metrics derived by the imaging professors to display the devices output (Skills: GUI Programming Language) Engineer oaw3921@rit.edu 571-345-8540
Frehiwot W.Michael Mechanical Engineer Mechanical dynamic analysis, competative product analysis, system design drafting, industrial design, material science Focuses on the primary physical design of the device through industry research. Uses skills and computer tools to model and design the overall mechanical system to be used in this project. Also uses web & library resources to research existing technology in the field Mechanical Design, Pro-E CAD, GD&T, Manufacturing Engineer fxw2374@rit.edu 651-252-7258
Kyle Sortore Mechanical Engineer Focuses on the functional system design and mechanical operation. Is the key engineer for developing fixturing and creating required physical equipment in order to have the goniophotometry system operate smoothly within its new single unit operating environment Must rely on information from the EE students about device capability when designing paper feed systems, scan systems, and optical calibration. Serves as an aide to the project manager and ensures the physical aspects of the team's progress are in check. Secondary role is to supervise the development of the physical application system designed by the additional ME student. Finally, ensures linkage between the ISE/CE/ME/EE students to ensure each part is functioning accordingly and fully in accordance with components designed by other team members Uses standard mechanical engineering knowledge, advanced math software, and manufacturing components for the device Engineer kcs3760@rit.edu 651-252-7258
Bradley Stroka Systems & Industrial Engineer Human Factors Acts as an expert user of the initial product and the developed product. Must also work with the CE and EE team to ensure the proper aspects of the gloss are being measured and the proper components are displayed to the device's user by way of statistics and human factors The benchtop goniophotometer in the lab & the final device Co-Op

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