P08541: Commercialization of Micro-goniophotometer

Sub-System Designs

Table of Contents

Overview of Selected Concepts


Our design takes the existing goniophotometeric system from a clumsy trial and error operation to a user friendly, automated and standard procedure. This is a desktop device that contains and organizes all the elements of goniophotometery. This box then communicates with a computer to analyze the data collected form the camera and output the results. The loading of the paper sample and color filters are done manually. Once these are loaded the computer and embedded electrical system take over. Polarization of the reflected light is achieved by having a servo mounted with polarizing material in front of the camera lens and automatically rotating to opposite poles. The image capturing and processing is streamlined the cameras software and java plug-ins. The computer will also be able to communicate with the components inside the box for a higher level of automation. An LCD and buttons will be integrated to the box to display the status of the device and allow for upgradeability.

Mechanical System

Design Details of Mechanical System

Electrical System

Design Details of Electrical System

Software System

Design Details of Software System