P09003: Interactive Game for Child


Table of Contents

Project Overview

For initial project definition, please click on Project Readiness Package link under Team Documents/ MSD I Documents shown below.

A handheld gaming device or console for Luke who will be 9 years old at the completion of this project. He has normal or nearly normal cognitive and auditory abilities however he has visual impairments. He is severely near-sighted. He recognizes shadows, lights and color but reading a book requires him to place his face right on the page. He knows Braille.

The purpose of the game is to offer Luke entertainment during office visits as the Dr. Julie Lenhard, MD and Luke's parents discuss the child's progress.

A site specific to visually impaired is at Gamasutra

Administrative Information

Project Name
Interactive Game for Child
Project Number
Project Family
Assistive Device Family
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering Track
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Prof. Slack (Electrical Engineering)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Reddig (Industrial Design)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Bierre (Information Technology, Gaming)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Debartolo (Mechanical Engineering)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Phillips (Electrical Engineering)
Primary Customer
Dr. Debartolo/National Science Foundation
Customer contact information
Rochester Institute of Technology: eademe@rit.edu , 585-475-2152 , Office: 2051 Gleason

Team Documents

This outline for the posting of team created documents follows the general product development process presented in the textbook "Design for Electrical and Computer Engineers" by Ford and Coulston and "Product Design and Development" by Ulrich and Eppinger.

Left to Right: Neil Pinto, Nicholas Babin, Jesse Muszynski, Claude Jerome, David Carmichael, Robert Modzelewski, Jack Fortner, Luke Fortner, Christopher Yang, Cindy Fortner, Alana Malina, Ketan Surender, Pei Hong Tan

Left to Right: Neil Pinto, Nicholas Babin, Jesse Muszynski, Claude Jerome, David Carmichael, Robert Modzelewski, Jack Fortner, Luke Fortner, Christopher Yang, Cindy Fortner, Alana Malina, Ketan Surender, Pei Hong Tan

Model Rendering Of Handheld

Model Rendering Of Handheld

Actual Handheld

Actual Handheld

MSD I Documents

Project Readiness Package Document

Needs Assessment

Project Overview Presentation

1 Page Summary

Work Breakdown Structure

2 Quarter Milestone


Overall System Function Flow Diagram

Electrical Subsystem Function Flow Diagram

Preliminary Sketches

Concept Selection

Risk Assessment

Early Solidworks Model

Test Plans and Test Results

Electrical Engineering Test Plan

Software Test Plan

Mechanical Engineering Test Plan

Review Packages & Presentations

Concept Review Packet

Detailed Review Packet

Technical Paper

Final Presentation PowerPoint

Mid-Project Review Presentation

Final Poster

IEEE Presentation


MSD I Review Meeting Notes

Review Meeting Notes for System Level Design/Concept 10.3.08

Industrial Design - Mechanical Engineering Detailed Design Review

Dr. Borkholder Detailed Design Review

Professor Slack Detailed Design Review

Professor Bierre Detailed Design Review

Prototyping Sessions


System Level Design

System Architecture

Subsystem Architectures

Power Up Sequence

GPIO Budget (Google Doc: GPIO Budget)

Project Release Files

The Final Release Files and Documents are listed below.

EE - Release Schematics

Off Board Connections Schematic Rev 0

Propeller Schematic Rev 0

Right Handle Schematic Rev 0

Left Handle Schematic Rev 0

Power Schematic Rev 0

Audio Schematic Rev 1

Unified Schematic Rev A3

Unified Schematic Rev A6

PCB Layout files 1 (zip)

PCB Layout files 2 (zip)

Prop I/O Assignments (Google Doc: Prop I/O Assignments)

IT and EE - Software Release Code

XNA Code of Avoidance

XNA Code of Simon

XNA Code of Maze

EE Files

ID, ME - Hardware Release Files

Note: Files are compressed as .rar

Solid Works Files

EE - Release Documents

Parts List (Google Doc: Parts List)

Web References (Google Doc: Web References)

To Do List (Google Doc: To Do List)

Software List (Google Doc: Software List)

Power Budget (Google Doc: Power Budget)

Cog Budget (Google Doc: Cog Budget)

Pin Assignments (Google Doc: Propeller Pin Assignments)

Audio Firmware Status (Google Doc: Audio Firmware Status)

Switch Bounce (Google Doc: Switch Bounce)

EE BOM (Google Doc: EE BOM)

Planning Documents

MSD I Status Reports

Status Report 9.5.08

Status Report 9.12.08

Status Report 9.19.08

Status Report 9.26.08

Status Report 10.3.08

Status Report 10.10.08

Status Report 10.17.08

Status Report 10.24.08

Status Report 10.31.08

Status Report 11.7.08

Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes 9.2.08

EE Meeting Minutes 9.3.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.4.08

Interview Notes 9.4.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.5.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.8.08

Interview Notes 9.9.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.11.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.12.08

EE Meeting Minutes 9.12.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.15.08

Interview Notes 9.16.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.18.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.19.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.22.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.25.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.26.08

General Meeting Minutes 9.29.08

EE and IT Meeting Minutes 10.3.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.10.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.13.08

Interview/Client Minutes 10.14.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.16.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.17.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.20.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.23.08

General Meeting Minutes 10.27.08

General Meeting Minutes 11.3.08

General Meeting Minutes 11.6.08

General Meeting Minutes 11.7.08

General Meeting Minutes 12.2.08

General Meeting Minutes 12.9.08

General Meeting Minutes 12.16.08

General Meeting Minutes 1.6.09

General Meeting Minutes 1.9.09

General Meeting Minutes 1.13.09

General Meeting Minutes 1.16.09

General Meeting Minutes 1.20.09

General Meeting Minutes 1.27.09