P09004: Eye Movement Tracking Device

Potential Risks

Some risks that could derail this project include:

Risk Management Table
Description of Risk Possible Consequences Possibility of Risk(H/M/L) Severity of Risk(H/M/L) Overall Risk(H/M/L) Contingency Plan
Insufficient Budget Not enough money in budget to complete all desired attributes L H H Reduce scope of project, modify design to reduce cost
Staffing Don't have all the desired skill sets M L L Reallocate Work, reduce project scope
Parts don't come in on time Prototype can't be completed on time L M M Plan ahead for items that may have a long lead time, order during SD1.

Find alternate supplier

Lack of Approval for Human Testing Project can't move forward without significant changes to design/implementation L H H Take human testing standards into account from the beginning of the design

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