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Following a stroke, it is not uncommon for victims to lose great amounts of mobility in their upper extremities. If they eventually get some of that mobility back, their arms will feel heavy too them and very difficult to operate. Often times this forces victims to move their upper body in ways that may cause further damage. The only way to properly rehab a stroke victim is to limit motion to movements that are considered safe to perform, and force them to perform these movements as often as possible: that is where is the Upper Extremity Exerciser comes into play. With this light weight, portable device a stoke victim will be encouraged to perform everyday activities, but limited to motions that will not further damage their upper extremities. The device will provide a patient enough assistance to raise their arm above their shoulder, and enough resistance to rehabilitate muscles involved in upper limb control. Eventually it is the hope of the Nazareth College Physical Therapy Department that stroke victims will regain the ability to perform everyday tasks on their own, and maintain a self sufficient lifestyle.

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Upper Extremity Exerciser
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Assistive Devices
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
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Matthew Marshall (ISE)
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Elizabeth DeBartolo (ME)
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Ryan Hellems (ME)
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Nazareth College Physical Therapy Department
Nazareth College Physical Therapy Department Website
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Stroke Victims, Other Physical Therapy Service Providers
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J.J. Mowder-Tinney PT, MS, NCS, CWS
Director of Clinical Education
Nazareth College Physical Therapy

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