P09007: Pedal Driven Auxilliary Power Generation

Mechanical System

Table of Contents

Pretty Pictures

Annotated Front View:

Image:Front Notated.jpg

Image:new gear box iso.jpg

Gear Box Side View

Front View

Isometric View

Top View

Detail Design

Image:mechanical power path.jpg

Drive System Sketches

Image:Drive Sys Sketch1.jpgImage:Drive Sys Sketch2.jpgImage:Drive Sys Sketch3.jpgImage:Drive Sys Sketch4.jpg

Friction Wheel

Detail Drawings: Friction Drive Wheel, Friction Idler Wheel

Material Selection Matrix

Urethane Properties

Image:urethane friction.jpg HT: Gallagher Corp

Rectifier, Torque, and Friction Data

Analysis Summary

Gears and Bearings

Gear and Bearing Life Cycle Analysis

System Modeling

Mechanical System Characterization

Useful Drive System Design Tables

FBD Breakdown:

Image:System Analysis.jpg

Free Body Diagrams

See Mechanical System Characterization for more detail.



Definition of Parameters

Relevant Data

Human Performance Capabilities