P09007: Pedal Driven Auxilliary Power Generation

Output Panel

Original General Concept


Project Planning Elements

System Specific Information:

Customer Requirements

Engineering Specifications

Risk Assessment

Feasibility Assessment

Bill of Materials

Design History

System Level Design Review

Documents for System Level Design Review (10/2/2008)

Design Review Preparation Document

Link to Dr. Phillips Feedback Notes

Revised Concepts/Research

Revised Design Concept following design review

Enclosure Concept

Electrical Enclosure Mounting Plate PDF

Ipod Mounting Dock PDF

Ipod Dock Pic

Ipod Dock Pic 2

Cooling Fans PDF

Fan Guard PDF

Mount Plate PDF

Detailed Design Review

Link to design review presentation

Week 9-10 Status Report

3d Model Pic 1

3d Model Pic 2