P09009: Manually Operated One-Arm-Powered Wheelchair

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The purpose of this project is design and create a one-arm, manual-powered wheelchair, to be used as the primary mode of transport for stroke victims or others who have lost motor function on one side of their body.

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Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Stroke victims often lose the ability to use one side of their body. This results in a situation where it is difficult for the individual to retain their mobility. This is why it is important for the one-arm, manual-powered wheelchair to be successful.

Current one-arm wheelchairs are heavy, difficult to control, and lack the desired mobility for these patients. One alternative is the use of an electric wheelchair, but these are cost-prohibitive to most patients and long-term care facilities.

The proposed design will provide the patient with improved mobility by using an easy-to-use propulsion system for movement.

Project Deliverables

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Assumptions and Constraints


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