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The project involves the design of an apparatus that will be used to present three-dimensional objects to a beluga whale in a match-to-sample (MTS) procedure. The project also involves designing a set of objects to present to the animal using the apparatus. In the MTS procedure, a sample object is shown to the whale (e.g., a sphere), then the sample object is removed, and finally three choice objects are presented to the whale (e.g., sphere, cylinder, cube). The whale's task is to select the choice object that matches the sample. Beluga whales and other toothed whales use a mode of sensory perception called echolocation (echo-location is to locate objects using echoes). During echolocation the animal emits loud, high frequency sounds that bounce off of objects in its environment and return echoes to the animal's ears. These echoes carry information about the size, shape, material, and structure of objects. The overall goal of the research is to assess the beluga whale's visual and auditory perception, and the extent to which it can match objects cross-modally (e.g., where the sample is visually presented and the choices are presented via echolocation).

Detailed description: P09011 Project Description - Initial.pdf

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Principle Customer & Sponsor:
Caroline DeLong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Rochester Institute of Technology
92 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
Phone: 585-475-4191
Email: cmdgsh@rit.edu (email contact preferred)
Office: 7A-449

Project Name
Apparatus for Visual and Auditory Object Recognition (VAOR) Study
Project Number
Project Family
Assistive Devices
Biomedical Systems & Technologies
Start Term
2008-2 (Winter)
End Term
2008-3 (Spring)
Faculty Guide #1
Mr. John Wellin (Mechanical Engineering)
Faculty Guide #2
Dr. Risa Robinson (Mechanical Engineering)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Caroline DeLong (COLA-Psychology)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Sanjay Palit
Ryan Hellems
Primary Customer
Dr. Caroline DeLong (COLA-Psychology)

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