P09021: VAD Test Loop

Generate Product Concepts

Step 1. Clarify The Problem

The test loop needs to
  1. extract blood for testing
  2. accommodate generation of characterization curves in steady state.
  3. accommodate generation of characterization curves in dynamic state based off of physiological simulation.

Step 2. Search Externally

LVAD Test Loop - University of Virginia Journal Article

Design and Construction of a mock circulatory system - University of Virginia

Related Desgin Project - A senior design project done in 2005 at Pen State.

Modular Hemodynamic Flow Simulation System (P08026)

Hemodynamic Simulator II (P09026)

Durability Testing for an LVAD (P08025)

Spreadsheet of Sensor Research

Comparison of Sensors Found

Step 3. Search Internally


Fill,Drain and Fluid Collection Concepts rev1