P09021: VAD Test Loop

Identify Customer Needs

Customer Needs

Need Importance
(Scale: High, Medium, Low)
1 Able to incorporate LVAD R2 pump into Test Loop High
2 Able to run with and without Pulsatile Ventricular Simulator High
3 Simulate physiological properties of the human body (i.e., temperature, resistance, compliance) High
4 Consist of biocompatible components to minimize blood damage High
5 Closed loop system that cannot leak High
6 Generate Pressure and Flow curves at associated Temperature High
7 Operate using multiple fluids (water, water/glycerin mixture, blood) High
8 Extraction of fluid samples cannot interrupt test while running High
9 Within budget High
10 Safe for operators, observers and surrounding environment High
11 Correlate existing pump functionality test with collected data Medium
12 Easy to fill and drain fluids Medium
13 Volume cannot exceed that of blood bag Medium
14 Test device needs to be self contained and portable Medium
15 Easy to maintain and calibrate device Medium
16 Minimal comprehension of the system's functionality is needed to operate (friendly user interface, preferrably LabVIEW) Medium

Customer Needs (EXCEL)