P09021: VAD Test Loop

Project Related Literature Search

This page is dedicated as a storage space for any relevant information from other senior design projects or outside sources. When listing a website include a brief description before the address indicating the topic of the website.

Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts - A website explaning the ventricular Pressure-Volume relationship

Cardiovascular System - A slideshow explaining cardiac dynamics, biological oscillators and reaction-diffusion

Hemodynamic Basic Concepts - An in-depth slideshow explaining hemodynamic concepts and measurement techniques

Modeling and Contol of an LVAD - Modeling, estimation and control of cardiovascular systems with a Left Ventricular Assist Device

Numerical Simulation of Cardiovascular Dynamics with Different Types of VAD Assistance - An article from the Journal of Biomechanics containing mathematical modeling of various VAD assistance to the circulatory system

LVAD Test Loop - University of Virginia Journal Article

University of Virginia Original Paper

LVAD Simulator - idea for the various inputs to consider

http://www.mpo-mag.com Medical Product Outsourcing--Great list of companies

http://www.baxter.com Baxter Internation--Medical Supply Companie

Circulatory System Dynamics by Abraham Noordergraaf, Book has been checked out from U of R

Design and Construction of a mock circulatory system - University of Virginia

Construction of an Artificial Heart Pump Performance Test System

Related Desgin Project - A senior design project done in 2005.

Design that features a circuit approach to modeling the system

Blood Analysis Technique Procedure

Drabkin's Method document

A Complete Mock Circulation Loop for the Evaluation of Left, Right, and Biventricular Assist Devices

ASTM Leak Test Standard for Medical Application

ASM Handbook - Leak Testing

How to Establish an Acceptable Leak Rate Criteria for Automated Testing

Compliance Explanation

Polypropylene Biocompatability

Biocompatible Polymers

http://www.geocities.com/placenta_rb/1-1.html blood temperature