P09021: VAD Test Loop

Staffing Requirements

Name Phone Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Steven Day ME Aid with the progress of the project; Primary Customer
TBD TBD Faculty Consultant, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
TBD TBD Teaching Assistant
Jon Klein 914-498-5072 IE Project manager
Kyle Menges 585-705-9696 ME Technical Lead
Dinh Nguyen Vu 585-520-0760 ME Technical Lead (20082)
Christine Lowry 703-915-9113 ME Design Engineer
Christopher Stein 585-967-9102 ME Design Engineer
Priyadarshini Narasimhan 585-309-5294 EE Electrical Engineer
Julie Coggshall IE Industrial and Systems Engineer

Detailed Team Roles and WBS

Schedule of Availability

Weekly Progress Report Template