P09023: Air Muscle Artificial Limb Next Generation

Customer Constraints

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Customer requested milestones, progress reports, and expected product

Dr. Lamkin Kennard plans to use this project for research. The product, above all, must maintain all of the directions of freedom of the human hand. The hand should also be scalable. A needs assessment and budget constraints are shown below.

Needs Assesment

Relative Importance of Needs

The needs shown above are weighed against one another. The table below shows the relative importance of these needs. A number 1 indicates a need that must be fulfilled and a number 5 indicates a need that should be fulfilled.

Relative Importance of Needs
Need Description Importance
Air Muscle Safety Air Muscles Should not explode 1
Cable Safety Cables should not break 1
Controls Safety Controls System should exhibit safe movements 1
Follow Regulations Follow RIT Rules 1
Distal Interphalangeal Joint Range of Motion Range of Motion of Distal Interphalangeal Joint 1
Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Range of Motion Range of Motion of Proximal Interphalangeal Joint 1
Metacarpophalangeal Joint Range of Motion Range of Motion of Metacarpophalangeal Joint 1
Robust All Parts of Hand should not break 2
Scalability Should be Scalable 4
Mechanical Optimization Improve Current System 2
Software Optimization Improve Current System 2
Easy to Use Should be Easily Operated 4

Customer and Sponsor Involvement

The team will be expected to carry out the vast majority of their interactions with Dr. Lamkin-Kennard. Dr. Lamkin-Kennard will be available for a series of meetings during the course of the project, and will meet with a group of teams during the beginning of MSD1 to lay out common goals, objectives, and philosophies for the sequence of projects. There will be weekly meetings throughout MSD I with the Dr. Lamkin-Kennard and the Project Manager. These meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis.

Regulatory Requirements

Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

The sponsor has allocated approximately $2000 to this project.

Each air muscle costs approximately $10

Each prototyped finger costs approximately $50

There will be numerous miscellaneous costs such as cables and other hardware depending on the design. I project that the total cost of the project will be approximately $1000. This figure is assuming that all of the current data acquisition devices are adequate for the design implementation. Data acquisition devices can cost several hundred dollars each, which would add greatly to the project costs.

Purchases for this track will be run through the Senior Design Department.

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