P09023: Air Muscle Artificial Limb Next Generation

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grading Scheme
Grade Level MSD I MSD II
  • Pinky finger and thumb are designed
  • Most items are poorly documented
  • Mechanical optimization plan developed
  • Difficult to navigate Edge website
  • Poorly constructed and unorganized controls optimization scheme
  • Pinky finger and thumb are constructed
  • Control algorithm for pinky and thumb is developed, but unorganized and works inconsistantly
  • Hand does not account for all directions of freedom of the human hand
  • Hand is not scalable
C Grade D requirements plus...
  • Arching motion of the palm accounted for
  • Moderate documentation of critical areas
  • Optimization scheme works inconsistently
Grade D requirements plus...
  • Accounts for all directions of freedom of the human hand
  • Control algorithm difficult to use, but works
B Grade C Requirements plus...
  • Everything required is documented
  • Easy to navigate edge website
Grade C Requirements plus...
  • Hand is scalable
  • Control algorithm works consistently and is easy to use
  • Testing plan developed
A Grade B Requirements plus...
  • Cost effective design
  • Control algorithm can be tested and shown to be effective
  • Everything is very well documented
Grade B Requirements plus...
  • Control algorithm incorporates special movements such as sign language
  • Complete and documented testing

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