P09023: Air Muscle Artificial Limb Next Generation

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure


This project must add a thumb and pinky finger to an existing artificial hand, or possibly create an entirely new hand. All of the directions of freedom of a human hand must be maintained. The project also involves optimization of the past project to make it more robust and make the controls interface easier to use. There are many subtasks needed to accomplish the overall tasks of adding a pinky, thumb, and optimization. The Objective Tree below shows the breakdown of the objectives.

Click Here To See The Objective Tree

Click Here To See The Objective Tree

Work Breakdown

The objective tree translates into a work breakdown structure. Tasks are divided and simultaneous tasks can be identified. The figure below shows the work breakdown structure.
Click Here To See The Work Breakdown Structure

Click Here To See The Work Breakdown Structure

Project Scheduling

The project has been scheduled for senior design 1 and 2. The link below will direct you to a PDF of the 2 term project schedule. Below that is an overview of the first three weeks of MSD I with a preliminary plan of the sub-team deliverables.

MSD I & II Schedule (PDF)
Three Week Project Plan
Team Week 00->01
(05 Sep 2008)
Week 01->02
(12 Sep 2008)
Week 02->03
(19 Sep 2008)
Mechanical Team
  • Gain familiarity with current design
  • Gain familiarity with biomechanics
  • Develop optimization/new design alternatives (Concept Generation)
  • Choose an optimization design
  • Affirm Project Specifications
  • Get cost breakdown
  • Begin Drawings for Prototyping
Controls Team
  • Become familiar with current software
  • Develop design alternatives
  • Work on Simulation
  • Get cost and parts list
  • Begin designing new software scheme
  • Work on simulation block diagram