P09026: Hemodynamic Simulator II


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Project Overview

Continuation of P08026 project carried out during the 2007/2008 academic year. The major aspects associated with this project are:

This project is intended to overlap with P09028 which will have a Winter start and is slated for a Spring finish. P09028 will be responsible for refinement of flow compliance and resistance mechanisms as well as final system integration, testing and validation.

Administrative Information

Project Name
Hemodynamic Simulator II
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Biomedical research
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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Faculty Guide
D. Phillips
D. Phillips (EE)
K.Q. Schwarz, (URMC)
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D. Phillips
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D. Phillips
Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Background Information

The goal of P08026 (Hemodynamic Simulator I) involved the design and construction of a modular system that will allow reproduction of the flows and pressures associated with hemodynamic systems. This system would allow conduct of experiments and design verification associated with fundamental signal sources and properties associated with a biological circulatory system. It should entail components that will allow the generation and measurement of arbitrary dynamic flow rates, volumes, pressures and the impact of variations of the characteristics of system components such as vessel size, compliance, fluid constitution and topology. It is meant to be constructed in a way that measurement of fundamental hydrodynamic properties can be carried out by a variety of invasive and non-invasive means (e.g., moving vane flow meters and doppler ultrasound). Ideally it will have an electronic control module that will provide a standard bidirectional communication link that will allow it to be controlled, modified and monitored via a standard computer application as well as in a preprogrammed, stand-alone fashion. The control module will have the capability of a stand-alone user interface to provide basic system operational parameters such as flow rates, pressure ranges and stored parameter waveforms and settings so that it can be used without a dedicated computer.

Ultimately, the P08026 team produced a prototype that demonstrated the fundamental operation principles necessary to implement such a hemodynamic flow simulation system. The goal of P09026 (F/W) and P09028 (W/S) is to build on those results to achieve the original objectives in terms of self-contained, modular system that can be utilized for educational and research purposes.

The requirement for a stand-alone control module will not be part of the of the P09026 and P09028 development efforts, but should be kept in mind in development of the data acquisition and control hardware and software design.

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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts

Cardiovascular System

Heart Anatomy and Flow Basic Concepts

Transmission Line Modeling

Modeling and Contol of a L V Assist Device.pdf


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Published Documents

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