P09027: Wireless Assistive Control System


Table of Contents

Project Overview

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This website outlines the design and implementation of a biomechatronic device that measures upper extremity motion via physiological and biophysical data. Motion detection sensors were used in conjuntion with surface electrodes to monitor joint angle and electromyographic signals, respectively. The overall focus of this project is to benefit research in the Biomechatronic Learning Lab with the Electrical Engineering Department at RIT. The completed prototype will serve as a platform for the development of assistive devices for upper extremity rehabilitation.

Administrative Information

Project Name
Upper Extremity Motion Capture System
Project Number
Project Family
Artificial Organ Engineering
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
Start Term
2008-1 (September - November 2008)
End Term
2008-2 (December 2008 - February 2009)
Faculty Guide
Dr. Edward Brown, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Daniel Phillips, Electrical Engineering
Graduate TA
Glenn D. Snyder
Industry Consultant
Ed Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Dr. Edward Brown
Customer Contact Information
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
Email: eebeee@rit.edu
Phone: (585) 475-7043

Senior Design I


Final Project Plan

Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Required Resources

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)

Test Product Concept(s)

Set Final Specifications

System Level Design

Product Architecture

System Level Design Review (Week 5 of MSDI)

Detail Design

Detailed Design Review and Documentation (Week 9 of MSDI)

Senior Design II

Testing and Refinement

System Test Results

Final Test Plan

Preliminary Test Plan

Preliminary MSDII Schedule by week

Preliminary MSDII Schedule with calendar dates

Manufactured Parts Complexity/Priority Table

Published Documents

As you conclude the project, include links to all of your finished and fully polished documents here. The previous sections of the web site contain the entire design history of your project. This section contains the finished products. Add more links as needed.

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Mid-Project Review Presentation (SD I)

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

Final Project Review Presentation (SD II)