P09029: Robotic Hand Improvement


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This project is the fourth generation of the artificial limb. The first generation created a 3-fingered hand, the second generation create a hand that could grip and the third generation created a 5-fingered hand. The final goal of these projects is to have a robotic arm with the ability to scale down for microvascular surgery or scale up for hazardous construction applications. The point of using a robotic arm for these applications is that by using a glove to control the robotic arm, it will be simple and intuitive to control, thus not adding to the burden of the controller.

This project's primary goals are to create a computer simulation of joints used in making air muscle-based robotic arms that can interface with the controls system and predict the forces. To ensure the accuracy of this simulation, joints will be made and compared to the computer model.

First Generation P08023

First Generation P08023

Third Generation P09023

Third Generation P09023

Elbow Design for P09029

Elbow Design for P09029

The Team

The Team

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Project Name
Robotic Hand Improvement
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Project Family
Artificial Organ
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Lamkin-Kennard (ME)
Primary Customer
Dr. Lamkin-Kennard
Team Members:
  • Casey Dill (ME) : : Team Lead
  • Arthur Connors (EE) : : Control Systems
  • Andrew Torkelson (ISE) : : Resource Management

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Senior Design 1

Week 01 - (12/05/2008) (COMPLETE)

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Week 03 - (12/19/2008) (COMPLETE)

Week 04 - (01/09/2009) (COMPLETE)

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Senior Design 2

Week 12 - (03/13/2009) (COMPLETE)

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Week 22 - (05/22/2009) (COMPLETE)

First Generation Artificial Limb

Second Generation Artificial Limb

Third Generation Artificial Limb

Shadow Robotics

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