P09029: Robotic Hand Improvement

Intellectual Property Considerations

All work to be completed by students in this track is expected to be released to the public domain. Students, Faculty, Staff, and other participants in the project will be expected to release rights to their designs, documents, drawings, etc., to the public domain, so that others may freely build upon the results and findings without constraint.

Students, Faculty, and Staff associated with the project are encouraged to publish findings, data, and results openly.

The US Patent office can be found here. There are 5 for "robotic arms" that perform "maintenance" and 12 that have to do with "medical" procedures.

Robotic Wrist Patent Information

These are a couple examples of wrist patents among hundreds.

Robotic Wrist for Barrett Technology Inc. (Cambridge, MA)

Robotic Wrist Mechanism for Jason W. Rauchfuss

Robotic Forearm Patent Information

Not a lot of forearm patents have been filed in comparison to the wrist. Here is one example.

Robot Forearm for Textron Inc.

Robotic Elbow Patent Information

Surprisingly, even less patents out there for elbows.

Parallel robot for Brooks Automation, Inc., which includes two elbows and a wrist (not very anatomically correct)