P09029: Robotic Hand Improvement

Required Resources

This page outlines the resources needed for this project, including specific faculty expertise for consulting, required laboratory space and equipment, outside services, customer facilities, etc.

Person Description Available
Dr. Lamkin-Kennard Faculty Guide Yes
Item Source Description Available
Computer Lab RIT Needs CAD Programs Yes
Lab Space RIT Space to store project materials Yes (Bio Lab)
Machine Shop RIT Space and machines to fabricate a small number of parts. Yes
Item Source Description Available
Past Robotic Arms Dr. Lamkin-Kennard The dimensions of previous builds of the robotic arm projects will be needed to make parts compatible. Yes (Bio Lab)
Solid Works RIT Solid Works will be the CAD program used Yes (CFD, Bio Labs)
LabVIEW v8.6 RIT LabVIEW will be the Control System program used Yes (CEDA, Bio Labs)
Mechatronics tool kit RIT A tool kit to connect labview and Solidworks Yes (NI website)
SolidWorks COSMOSmotion RIT A SolidWorks Expansion needed to run the simulations Yes

Bill of Materials