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Week 6

Week 6 Deliverables

In the sixth week the team implemented the lessons learned from the System Level Design Review from week 5. We met with Dr. Lamkin-Kennard and created a list of things to be taken care of:

We also got an account on a computer to have Labview 8.6 and NI Motion Assistant installed. The computer already has SolidWorks 2007. We have also learned that the educational version of SolidWorks comes with COSMOSmotion. These should be all the required components to run the Mechatronics toolkit.

Action Items

AJ is in charge of updating the controls systems updates for the customer needs, engineering specs and concept development. A new, more thorough block diagram for program flow will be developed, now that he has had time to learn and understand Labview.

Andrew is in charge of updating the benchmarking materials. Andrew will also be creating a visual aid that demonstrates our product's place in the scheme of things. This includes the project family's place in the world, and our place in the project family.

Casey will be working on acquiring data from the past teams (including complete CAD models and research papers), creating the pneumatics schematic, with help from Dr. Kozak, and updating EDGE.

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