P09029: Robotic Hand Improvement
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Week 9

Week 9 Deliverables

Detailed Design Review Documents

The Detailed design review is scheduled for Thursday, February 12, 2009 in 09-2550 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Design Review Results

The Detailed Design Review was competed successfully. We would like to thank the attendies:

Notes from the meeting Benchmarking: talk more about why we benchmarked and what we gained from it. Also, and patent issues?

B.O.M: Steel rods not on the list. Get the updated BOM from P09023 and P08024. Including using NI parts to play nicely with Labview.

Simulations Part: Simulation is more important than the prototype (according to Dr. Lamkin-Kennard): so more effort should be put on that. For simulating the airmuslces, Dr. Coburn (sp?) could be helpful with the math. Outputs could also be mapped out in labview, like the first example from the mechatronics toolkit.

Interface: the interface lacks a "Pause for x seconds" feature.

Drawing Package: more system level pictures. Routing for the air supplies needs work, and for the cabling system (use nylon tubes?). Can the air muscles be used like human muscles? Need a test stand to work these out, and more overall prototypes to test out different configurations.

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