P09042: Lap-Band Test Stand


Project Overview

The LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System (http://www.lapband.com/) is a gastric banding system that helps patients gradually lose and control their weight by reducing the amount of food their stomach can hold at one time. This device is in common use today. The name "LAP-BAND" comes from the minimally invasive surgical technique used (laparoscopy) and the silicone gastric band placed around the top of the upper part of your stomach. The LAP-BAND System controls food intake and supporting long term, sustainable weight loss. The LAP-BAND System uses soft, pre-curved, 360 degree inflation area. The 360 degree inflation area evenly distributes pressure for complete coverage of stomach anatomy. The LAP-BAND system also has a fill volume so the surgeon can adjust after installation.

Problem To Be Solved: The patient's weight loss management process requires periodic adjustment. This adjustment alters the LAP-BAND restriction size. That is, to increase this restriction, the patient will lose weight at a faster rate and vice versa. This periodic adjustment is performed by a medical doctor to add or remove saline solution via an intravenous injection near the abdominal area. This action requires an office visit and is both uncomfortable and somewhat painful for the patient.

This project has been dubbed the Smart-BAND since the goal is to control and adjust a LAP-BAND-like device without the need of invasive actions of intravenous injection that is performed today.

QUANTUM Technology Associates, Inc.

Lap-Band Test Stand Team

Lap-Band Test Stand Team

Lap-Band Test Stand

Lap-Band Test Stand

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Name Discipline E-Mail
Brian Weber Electrical Engineer bjw6259@rit.edu
Ilya Rivkin Electrical Engineer ixr6067@rit.edu
Michael Batyko Mechanical Engineer meb7070@rit.edu
John Matrachisia Mechanical Engineer jjm1453@rit.edu
Kevin Sando Mechanical Engineer kms1167@rit.edu

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