P09042: Lap-Band Test Stand

Mission Statement

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Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The long-term goal of this project series is to design a new lap-band system that can be adjusted via a non-invasive procedure. This first phase of the project will primarily focus on the design of a testing stand to capture stomach and lap-band parameters. Some of the major goals for this project are to accurately simulate a human stomach as well as to develop an accurate metering scheme controlling and monitoring the movement of the saline solution.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

At the end of MSDII, the team will deliver a test stand capable of testing all parameters needed. Manuals, complete drawings, a complete BOM, and all documentation will also be available through the P09042 EDGE team site. The team will then perform testing and provide those results to future Lap-Band senior design teams.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

There is no primary market outside of Senior Design for the test stand. the main opportunity for this project is that it can be used by future Senior Design teams for further Smart-Band testing. Therefore the hope is that the Test Stand will aid in the final designs of a real life Smart-band.

Assumptions and Constraints

The sponsor, Quantum technologies, is to provide us with a budget of $1000 and provide us with use of Dr. Kwon for neccessary Lap-band consultations.


The stakeholder in the project is Quantum Technologies.

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