P09042: Lap-Band Test Stand


Risks and Contingencies
Risk Item Level Status and/or Contingency Plans Decision Date
Cannot accurately synthesize human stomach low Identify similar material and determine correlation to actual stomach 11/7/08
Servo motor torque requirements unkown Med Conduct testing and calculations to determine correct torque requirements


Chosen Microcontroller not to par


Purchase microcontroller and see if it meets our needs 11/7/08
Chosen syringes do not meet requirements


Order syringes and test them.
Preliminary testing finds chosen syringes acceptable. 10/28/2008
Syringe pump apparatus does not work well High Build Early, Test Early, Fail Early 11/7/08
Unable to identify suitable sensors with proper resolution and range High Order multiple sensors and test them.
Preliminary testing has begun.
Force sensing resistors appear to be suitable.
Further testing is required. 10/24/2008

Risks and Contingencies Rev C.doc