P09042: Lap-Band Test Stand

Team Ethics

Ethics and Norms

Our group understands that this project is time consuming and also understands that some of our members are taking a heavy course load concurrently with Senior Design. As a group we will decide who will do what on a weekly basis depending on each others assignments for that week. If someone falls behind in their work the others should expect them to get it done even if they are busy with other work. Basically, if you agreed to do something, then do it with no excuses.

To avoid plagiarism, if someone is stuck on something which might lead to the temptation to plagiarize, they should immediately seek help from another member and let the team leader know. The team leader should also be aware of any issues with work so that help can be sought quickly as to cause little delay in the project timeline.

As the team leader, it will be up to Ilya to set deadlines for each task of the members. The tasks assigned will be decided by the group. Each member is expected to meet theses deadlines. If deadlines are consistently not met without reason, the other members will have a conversation with this member to review our expectations of each other and try to get ourselves back on track. The slacking member will still be held accountable for their work.