P09043: Fluid Smart Lap-Band


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Project Overview

Background: The LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System (http://www.lapband.com/) is a gastric banding system that helps patients gradually lose and control their weight by reducing the amount of food their stomach can hold at one time. This device is in common use today. The name "LAP-BAND" comes from the minimally invasive surgical technique (laparoscopy) and the silicone gastric band placed around the top of the upper part of their stomach. The LAP-BAND System controls food intake and supporting long term, sustainable weight loss. The LAP-BAND System uses soft, pre-curved, 360 degree inflation area. The 360 degree inflation area evenly distributes pressure for complete coverage of stomach anatomy. The LAP-BAND system also has a fill volume so the surgeon can adjust after installation.

Current Work: P09042 Lap Band Test Stand Team is currently in development with a Winter Finish. Their Test Stand will supply this team with a synthetic upper stomach material to simulate stomach tissue characteristics, Lap-Band parameter range against the stomach and data acquisition to measure these parameters.

Problem Statement: The patient's weight loss management process requires periodic adjustment which requires an office visit and is both uncomfortable and somewhat painful for the patient. This periodic adjustment is performed by a medical doctor to add or remove saline solution via an intravenous injection near the abdominal area. This adjustment alters the LAP-BAND restriction size. That is, to increase this restriction, the patient will lose weight at a faster rate and vice versa.

Project Mission Statement: This project, dubbed Smart Lap Band, will complement the current invasive intravenous injection with an automated controlled scheme for the purpose of minimizing if not eliminating injections.

Team Members

Name Skill
Brian Smits Industrial/Systems Engineer
John Griffith Electrical Engineer
Brooks Przybylek Mechanical Engineer
Mark Ozimek Mechanical Engineer

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Fluid Smart Lap-Band (non-intrusive weight control device)
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Bioengineering Fundamentals
Current Lap-Band System

Current Lap-Band System

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Prof. George Slack (EE)
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Christine Scheible
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