P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Both files below are compressed into a .rar file and require to both be extracted at the same time to get the full powerpoint. The rogram to open it up is winrar and can be downloaded from www.rarsoft.com for free. Otherwise see the broken up powerpoint files further down:
Design PPT rar file2

Design PPT rar file

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_1_overview

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_1_overview2

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_2_mechanical

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_3_electrical

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_4_feasibility

Detailed Design PowerPoint_Membrane_Characterization_Test_Stand_5_BackUps

Detailed Design Review Cover Page

Detailed Design Review Agenda

Project Summary 11-10

Engineering Specifications 10-29

Customer Needs 11-10

Pugh Diagram 10-29

Risk Assessment 11-10

Design Specifications 10-29

Sutures vs. Clamping System

Bill of Materials 10-29

Notes from Detailed Design Review
Action items from Detailed Design Review