P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D The team has identified a feasible test stand design, but has taken little or no action toward completion of the detailed design. The team has a complete design documented, but was not able to construct a device or constructed a device that is incapable of running a successful test.
C D-level work plus completion and documentation of some detailed design work. For example, all key components - pressure sensor, displacement transducer, power supply, etc. - have been specified, but details of mechanism are not done. D-level work plus the team has built a device that can run some types of tests some of the time with some meaningful data collected.
B C-level work plus completion of most detailed design work. Some problems may still need to be addressed early in MSDII. For example, all details have been addressed except how to align test specimen, or how to test in saline. C-level work plus the device runs successfully with minimal intervention or need for repair or the device runs successfully all the time, but may not be able to perform all types of tests (e.g., can do polymer membranes, but not tissue)
A B-level work plus completion of all necessary detailed design work. The team will be ready to begin construction at the start of MSDII B-level work plus the device performs all types of testing specified and can be used repeatedly without intervention or repair.

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