P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand

Joe F.-4

Week 4:

  1. Literature Search for Biaxial Test fixtures that can be used with Tissue-This search provides ideas to build our test rig around that could allow for the test stand be scaled down in the future to be used with tissue.
  2. Literature Search for Biaxial Test fixtures that can be used with Rubber-Like-The paper could provide another test rig concept. It has all the necessary components needed to make the test stand successful and meet all the client needs.
  3. Concept Decision-Based on customer needs, we concluded that the biaxial loader (strictly pulling in both directions) will be the best choice. It will also be the simplest stand to make.
  4. Risk Assessment-Made a list of potential risks that would slow the process of building the project. Risks also include problems that whomever operates the machine might have to avoid.

Outstanding Tasks from Last Week:

  1. Biaxial test stand- the test stand concept has been established, however, the exact specifications are still unknown. Based on the literature search from this week, we have a final decision to make by Wednesday.
  2. Documentation-we need to fully document everything that we are doing so that week 5 and week 9 go very smoothly.

Tasks for Next Week:

-CAD Drawings
-Final Risk Assessment
-ANSYS Simulations of a running machine

Tools necessary to Accomplish this week's tasks: