P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand


Things to do:

-Create a bill of materials for a pressure loaded biaxial membrane tester.

-Read up on what is expected for week five's design review.

Things done:

-Created a basic biaxial pressure loading bill of materials. This is shown below:
Item Notes Cost
Pressure Sensor Low pressure, <3PSI $500-$800
High Speed Camera Needs gridding and software Provided by ME Dept.
Computer with LabView Provided by ME Dept.
DAQ May reuse from previous rig $100-$200
Power Supply For sensors, low power $30
Wires and Connectors Assorted as dictated by sensors, etc. $30

Aside from the above and reading up on the week five plans, I also spent time thinking about the software interface in preparation for the upcoming week as well as reading some of the papers I had found about previous systems and tests.