P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand

Mission Statement

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Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The envisioned device will be capable of testing membranes to determine the mechanical properties of the membrane material(s). The device will be able to accommodate both polymer samples and biological samples (which may need to be kept in a saline bath during testing). The biological samples may be less than 1cm in diameter. The mode of loading must lend itself to data analysis allowing the extraction of relevant mechanical properties, and must take into account the manufacture of test specimens.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

At the end of MSDII, the team will deliver the test stand, along with a user's manual, complete set of drawings, complete BOM, and all documentation for any purchased components. The team will perform testing to validate the device's performance.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

The primary market for this device would be specialized researchers doing mechanical testing. The immediate use of the device will be to support a thesis project in the RIT Mechanical Engineering Department.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

This device may be used in the Biomaterials technical elective offered in the RIT Mechanical Engineering Department, and may also be used as a model design for researchers elsewhere.

Assumptions and Constraints

The sponsors, Dr. DeBartolo and Dr. Robinson, will provide funding for the project in the amount of $1500 and at least one of the two will be available for regular consultation during the course of the project.


RIT-ME thesis student RIT-ME bioengineering option faculty RIT-ME students in Biomaterials class American Cancer Society

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