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Team Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents

Team Meeting Policies

Being late or missing a meeting:
-Team members must give 12-hour notice to the Project Manager prior to the meeting.
-The project Manager must give 12-hour notice to the Lead Engineer

Team members will be given one chance. After their first offense, a meeting with the Guide and either the Lead Engineer or the Project Manager will be scheduled in order to identify and rectify the situation.

Friday Meeting Policies

-Don't play with any electronics.
-No texting
-Don't answer your phone unless it looks like an emergency.

-No sleeping

-Sit around the Guide/TA

-Show interest.
-Sit...no pacing around or lounging between two chairs.

-Help the Lead Engineer during their presentation. If they don't know or get stuck on information, help them out.

-Don't leave the room during any presentation.

-Be courteous to members of other groups.

-Block of all of Friday, especially after the planned time for class.

Individual Work Procedures

If the Lead Engineer has assigned a team member an amount of work that seems unmanageable, the team member is required to discuss this issue with the Lead Engineer immediately.
-If the assigned amount of work ends up becoming excessive, the team member must contact and discuss the issue with the Lead Engineer by EOD Tuesday of the week the material is to be completed.
-There are no excuses. With the first offense, a meeting will be scheduled with the Guide/TA and the Lead Engineer/Project Manager.

-Team members must keep User Manuals updated with current progress on their individual work.

-Every Friday, the Lead Engineer will create a new page consisting of work to be completed by each team member for the following week.

-By the end of every Friday, each individual team member must complete and upload a brief description of the week's work (including what was attempted and their current status).

Team Disagreements

Everyone is responsible for discussing an issue that they may have with another team member.

The process for resolving an issue is as follows:

-A team member will bring it up to the entire group if they feel comfortable.
-If necessary, a team member should bring up their issue with the Project Manager.
-If the Project Manager is part of the problem, the team member should bring up the issue with the Lead Engineer.
-If both the Project Manager and the Lead Engineer are involved in the problem, the team member should immediately discuss this issue with either the Guide or the TA.

If, during an informal meeting, a team member decides that the team is off track, the individual should mention this to the group. The group then needs to get back on track.


-Friday lunches will always be 1 hour.
-Team members must block out every Tuesday/Thursday from 6-7pm as well as Friday from 9am-4pm for Fall Quarter. These are mandatory meeting times.


All team members must act appropriately for present company. If an issue occurs, the Project Manager will discuss the problem with the team member.